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Success Summit International

Full DVD Set
  • 8 Disc DVD Set
  • International Speaker
  • Recorded Live
  • Includes presentation slides
£ 9.95 each

Boost Your Income - audio CD

  • Why have Jews flourished economically?
  • Do you treat money like candles or cake?
  • What money advice does Joseph and his brothers have for you?
  • Do you make money or take money?
  • Should you do what you love or love what you do?
£ 9.95 each

Let Me Go (CD)

How to Overcome Life's Challenges and Escape Your Own Egypt.

  • What 3 Bible Secrets Can Help Everyone Escape Difficult Times
  • Did Moses Really Say, "Let My People Go"?
  • How to Recognize Your Angels in Disguise
  • Why the Jews Needed to Leave Egypt in Broad Daylight
£ 15.95 each

Prosperity Power

2 Audio CD set
  • The one thing you can do right now to increase your income
  • How to change your life if you're not a 'people person'
  • Can social networking replace face to face meetings?


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Thou Shall Prosper (hardcover book)

  • Why Jews throughout the ages flourish economically
  • How you can benefit from this Jewish wisdom
  • What "being in business" really means
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The Income Abundance Set

  • What "being in business" means, whether you are a professional,
    a CEO, or flipping burgers.
  • Why money is spiritual, not physical
  • How other people can help you succeed