Duane Morrow

Executive Vice President of Marketing for Primerica and Chief Marketing Office for Primerica Life and Canada.

Duane Morrow is Executive Vice President of Marketing for Primerica and Chief Marketing Office for Primerica Life and Canada. As Primerica are the largest financial services in North America it can be appreciated the level of responsibility and influence Duane has within the industry.

Duane joined Primerica in 1987 as a planning clerk in the Retirement Investment Division. After being promoted through various positions of increasing responsibility, in 1992 he was appointed Director of National Securities Marketing. After a successful three years in this position, Duane was then appointed Vice President of Marketing for Primerica-New York.

For 6 years Duane was instrumental in launching Primerica into Europe, first as Head of Marketing for Spain and later introducing the company into the UK. As being part of the banking organisation, CitiGroup, the UK operation opened under the banner CitiSolutions.

It can certainly be said that Duane started from the bottom and worked his way to the top.

Duane has an incredible story in that after breaking his neck playing rugby, he was given a 1% chance of ever walking again. However using the drive and determination he has shown throughout his career, Duane has challenged those odds and now walks 50% of the time. 2 years ago Duane was the fastest wheelchair racer in the US and 2nd fastest in the world!

Alongside maintaining his senior management position, Duane is helping others benefit from his adverse experience by being on the board of The Shepherd Spinal Center Foundation.

Greg Reid

Stick-ability the Power of Perseverance

Recently, Greg has been hand selected by The Napoleon Hill Foundation to help carry on the teaching found in the bible of personal achievement – Think and Grow Rich. Greg is an acclaimed speaker, filmmaker and bestselling author. He is a natural entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. As an action-taking phenomenon, strategy turns into results fast and furious, and relationships are deep and rich in the space he orbits.

Jeff Lestz

How to Make Your Goals a Reality

Jeff has an inspiring story of rags to riches. He was an orphan at the age of 7, homeless and living on the streets of Chicago as a teenager. His life changed at age 15 when he met a mentor and went on to become a millionaire by the age of 31. Buckle up and brace yourself for some life changing, mind altering, motive challenging, and goal setting teachings that will raise your financial perspective to a higher level. Jeff will also show you some ways to generate extra income to fund your goals and dreams.

Dave Gilpin

Kill Beige: Vol 1; Vol 2; Vol 3 Retrieving Your X Factor

Dave is a sought after communicator with twenty five years experience. His leadership and creativity mixed with a gift of faith have proved to be a powerful combination which has seen many people be empowered and encouraged. Dave’s creative spark has been expressed in a number of books including his latest ‘Sacred Cows Make Great BBQ’s’ published by Authentic Media in 2010. His latest project ‘The Mind Map Series’ compiles a selection of small group materials to help people create new trains of thought by empowering ‘The Grand Central Station of the Mind’. Quirky and eccentric are two words you can use to describe him.

Glyn Carter

Profit from Property

Simone Laubsher

On leaving school Glyn completed a carpentry and joinery apprenticeship in Hereford. In 1988 he started his own building company. In order to diversify the business he purchased his first rental property in 2002 and to date has sourced, refurbished and managed over 100 properties for himself and other investors. Glyn personally owns 65 properties! He firmly believes now is a great time to invest in property to provide another source of income and capital growth for the future. Glyn continues to develop his own knowledge and has a particular interest in sharing his current expertise with you.

Bob Safford

Gaining Financial Independence Through Investments

Bob Safford, Jr. has been helping investors for over 30 years through a variety of investment vehicles such as investment funds, real estate and partnerships. During his career in finances he and his family built a sales force in the USA of over 30,000 sales people. He has a unique teaching style of simplifying complex concepts, which will help you to personally ‘connect the dots’ to financial independence. Bob will be breaking it down and sharing his knowledge and financial principles that has made him a multi-millionaire.